We are a tech startup focused on Virtual and Augmented Reality projects. Our mission is to use these technologies in order to create societal value.

Among our main directions for AR/VR use are the cultural and educational fields. The power of these visual, immersive technologies is elevated when combined with project concepts that seek innovative ways of conveying information.

Our team works alongside cultural institutions, for example, in order to construct experiences that allow museum visitors to better understand art and history. We use Virtual and Augmented Reality as tools that connect the past with the presents. We try to create opportunities for the public to have active experiences instead of being passive observers.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We offer the entire range of processes involved in AR/VR project development. From concept creation and experience design, to 3D modeling, digital art creation and software development.

Our intent is to provide tech insight, share best practices and contribute as a consultant/ partner/ provider wherever the need for societal improvement justifies our involvement.

Expertise sought

We are eager to connect with different national and international associations and institutions in order to identify projects that can be best improved by technology.