The Judo School “A Turma dos Judokinhas” is a sports association aims to promote and develop the practice of judo sport ethics and citizenship

High relevance in combating poverty and social exclusion;
Commitment and assumption of the principles of universality, equality and non-discriminatory sports practice. Use sport to positively address issues of social, ethnic, physical, economic or gender exclusion;
Fit into national social policies with a view to defending the interests and meeting the needs of the population “SPORT FOR ALL!”;
Provide quality and innovative responses and concerted actions;
Establish partnerships with educational and social solidarity institutions enabling children with socio-economic difficulties.

Competence and Expertise Offered

This association was born from the initiative and experience of two references from the National Judo: Filipa Cavalleri and Renato Kobayashi, both Olympic Athletes who hold high level academic, technical and sports curricula.
Volunteer allocation and specific training / competences development for Judo trainers and volunteers;
Complementary program for training and promotion of sports and civic activity to the families and local community
psychosocial skills

Expertise sought

Promotion of social inclusion, equal sport opportunities and access to healthy life-style choices;
Using judo principles and values, with a deep social and cultural base, as fundamental instrument to fight gender discrimination, violence and xenophobia;
Promotion of a Healthy Lifestyle and commitment to create favorable conditions for children to grow up healthy and to enabling the long-term prevention of overweight and lifestyle-related diseases