The Association founded in 2007 by parents. It specializes in providing support and social care services to people with autism and others disabed.

We are 155 people as active members.
A. 2010-2014 educational creative workshops B. 2014- 2016 workshops with learning and art activities for teens with intellectual disabilities supported by the Greek NGO Programme “We are all Citizens” which is part of the EEA Grants. C. Since 2016 the Center for Creative Activities for Children with Disabilities, named “MAZI BOROUME” is running and offers care to 30 children with special needs.D.Since 2018 is being operating a SOCIAL CENTER.F. 28 February 2020 The project “Work for All” was launched and is being implemented under the EEA Grants-funded.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We work home-based program for support families under the supervision of the University of Crete.The 2014-2016 with funding from Bodosaki Foundation, we do a program”Artistic workshops for treatment – expression of children with special educational needs from 3-17 years old”.For early intervention we have been operating a day center with help of therapist we do creative workshops,we do outdoor activities.We open a Social House a point for support, education,social services a place for relaxation

Expertise sought

We like to see some field work either with children-adults with disabilities. It is important to learn alternative approaches and get some new ideas that will be useful for our Day Centre. A visit to a rehabilitation centre, a day centre, even in a classroom that runs an inclusive daily educational programme for children with autism will all be very interesting.
Also more about the management of disabilities adults in a protected working environment.