independent not-for-profit Centre working on the potential of arts and culture for social inclusion of migrants and intercultural citizenship

Our main fields of action include music, language courses, theatre, literature, crafts, lutherie, visual arts, gastronomy, traditional products, arts production and touring projects, cultural tourism, fair trade, research, community intercultural education and social and solidarity economy.

We are particulary interested in partnerships for international exchanges and projects on our fields of action, particularly on Intercultural co-productions, circuits, residencies, workshops or social economy projects and on the creation of an international platform of intercultural organizations.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our centre opened in 2004 in the framework of acommunity project funded by the European Union (Equal Programme) and was validated by the Portuguese Equal Office as a transferible resource and methodology against discriminations, It has a long-established experience on the above-indicated fields and a large network of contacts and collaborators in different areas (in Portugal, in the EU and in non-european countries) that may be a valuable tool for international partnerships.

Expertise sought

What we are seeking in cooperation is mainly the possibility to ameliorate and widen our work through the establishment of international partnerships for concrete action with organizations with different experiences, skills and good-practices in other sociocultural environments and contexts. We are seeking both to reinforce ou work in the topics we´re already covering and also in opening new lines of activity as a result of the expertise gathered from new connections.