Lithuania-based for-purpose organisation that creates opportunities & impact for youth and groups in need.

Fields of work:
– providing opportunities for youth (to learn, boost digital skills, develop ideas & spend time purposefully)
– work with migrants and fostering their entrepreneurship
– work with young ex-cons (providing them with life-skills & social activities)
– raising awareness on issues that matter (mainly through our massive following on social networks)

Possible project ideas:
– Necessary workshops, activities & infrastructure for young ex-cons. Which would boost their skills & allow to build up social networks. Goal: giving these unlucky kids a chance to lead normal lives.

Competence and Expertise Offered

– field expertise (working with youth & vulnerable groups)
– digital expertise (web-making, SEO, video making, graphic design)
– social network expertise to reach the young (FB, IG, Snapchat, TikTok – we excell in all). Number of followers: 20000+
– organising big cool events (500+ people – no problem)
– project management (30+ successfully implemented)
– organisational capacity (team of 15+ professionals. All young & energetic)

Expertise sought

We seek:
– further field expertise (i.e. organisatons working with vulnerable groups)
– expertise with volunteers
– expertise with fundraising