Aenao deals with non formal education, promotes health and social cohesion, protects the environment and empowers marginalised social groups

Promotes health by creating networks and implementing projects based on non-formal education and learning by experience methodology
Informs the community on issues regarding science in the broad sense, culture,religion and education
Undertakes collaboration with reliable agents
Empowers young people, enhance and build their personal skills
Empowers women to take initiatives and improve their socio-economic status
Organizes campaigns

Competence and Expertise Offered

Concerning the expertise sought, AENAO would like to cooperate with Organizations with experience in the above mentioned areas (promotion of health , social inclussion, empowerment of vulnarable groups, environmental topics)
We have run many European projects and we would like to share our experience know -how and best practices in the above mentioned areas.
Our qualified personnel can contribute to the project proposals in order to achieve the best outcomes.

Expertise sought

Concerning the type of partner, AENAO is interested in a partnership with NGOs, Municipality or regional entities, Governmental agencies, Research institutions Universities.with experience in areas such as promotion of health , social inclussion, empowerment of vulnarable groups