African Media Association Malta is a media NGO

that promotes The African Perspective

with News – Empowerment – Advocacy

Our aim is to develop an inclusive multi-media network where all the members can find a place to debate. We broadcast news, stories and information relating to living in Malta and in Europe through our web magazine and online community radio.​
We empower immigrants by imparting life skills and providing media and digital literacy.
We provide information and support related to integration in the society.

We identify special challenges of the African immigrants in Malta and lobby for positive changes by bringing them to the attention of Government.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Providing media and digital literacy is our core area of expertise, we specialize in web-zine, as well as producers of content on social media platforms.Our partners largely benefit from our digital role in the dissemination of the content created and projects. We make everything visible and accessible.

Expertise sought

We seek to cooperate with NGO/Institutions interested and working within the scope of migration, humanitarian discourses , human rights, civil rights, Education and Youth. we are also concerned with the cultural values,anti-racism and are working against all forms of discrimination.