AGIMA offers medical, psychological and social support
to cancer patients and their families while trying to improve patients quality of life.

AGIGMA, is a Non-Profit Social-Care Company, registered at the National Registry Sector of Non-Profit Private Companies and the Special Registry Of (NGOs) Voluntary Non-Governmental Organizations.
In 2018, AGIGMA was given approval for action within the General Oncology Hospital “Agioi Anargyroi”. A very honorary and important distinction as we are the first non-profit social care organization that acquires a presence within a state hospital.
Our projects
• • 2nd opinion free of charge
• Individualized Social Support
• Supporting patients in remote areas of Greece
• Ca & 3rd Age
• Healing Hug

Competence and Expertise Offered

• Health
• Cancer care & support
• Palliative Care
• NGO capacity building
• Regional and local development
• Volunteering
• NGO capacity building
• Regional and local development

Expertise sought

• Know-how Expertise
• Cross border collaborations
• Experience in Palliative Care