IT service based company with portfolio of IT infrastructure and software development portfolio. Searching for innovations and green ideas!

We are considering where we can try to find solutions in the field of green industry: data storage solutions, manufacturing, warehouse solutions or something with IT sector.

We are engaged in IT solutions ourselves, we are a small team from Lithuania, which has been working with various artificial intelligence, business management systems and IT infrastructure works since 2007.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have expertise in IT sector field: IT infrastructure, individual software development creation according to customer needs.

Knowledge of how to do it with IT projects.

Expertise sought

Want to start a business, open a branch or factory in Lithuania? We are ready to provide you with support in your company’s set-up in Lithuania and further legal support for your business activity. Services: • Rental of industrial premises for partners; • CRM (Customer Relationship Management). • SCM (supply chain management) • BI (business information) • ERP (enterprise resource planning) • Development of custom (custom) software.