NGO Aizkraukle District Partnership is Local Action Group, that implements local development strategy in their territory and LEADER approach.

LAG is a public-private partnership – an association of local organizations, entrepreneurs, local government and rural communities.
The LEADER approach is associated with local empowerment through local strategy development and resource allocation.

We search for international cooperation with focus on these topics:
1. Bioeconomy/circular economy, renewable energy, climate change, use of natural resources, environmental issues, waste management, forestry;
2. Small entrepreneurship, collaboration, short circuits, local products, smart village;
3. Cultural heritage;
4. Youth and children

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have experience with LEADER approach in Latvia for 15 years – the implementation of activities is in accordance with the community-led local development strategy. We organized open project calls for entrepreneurs and NGO’s.
We have implemented transnational cooperation projects between LAGs about bioeconomy and cultural heritage.

Expertise sought

We search for new cooperation to develop and exchange knowledge and best practice.