Our mission is to contribute to building an inclusive society, in which ALL members have the tools, resources, and opportunities to GROW.

The association All Grow, like the name says aims to create systemic change through collaboration between individuals, organizations and institutions. AllGrow is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals promote inclusive growth and advancement by fostering innovation, knowledge sharing and critical thinking.

So far we have been working mainly in the area of education and social entrepreneurship, with special focus on rural and underserved communities. We use innovative methods such as design thinking and makers education in working with students, teachers and mentors.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have experience in applying design thinking in education and building grassroots community empowerment initiatives with special focus on education and social innovation.

Expertise sought

We look for like minded organization and individual with whom we can innovate and exchange ideas and good practices towards creating social change in communities across Europe and beyons.