The purpose of Alliance of NGOs for Drugs and Addictions is to unite, cooperate and develop joint projects in the field of drugs and addiction.

The Alliance promotes concepts of work in the field of prevention, treatment of addiction and harm reduction at local, regional, national and international levels by educating, interventing and organizing different groups to solve problems related to drug use.

Aim of Alliance is to professionalise it’s work (the work of Alliance is based on voluntary work of its members). To find new innovative approaches addressing the needs of drug users and training and involving them in advocating for theri needs; raising more awareness campaigns. To broaden our expertise by international networking.

Competence and Expertise Offered

The Alliance was formed in 2005 and immidiately started actively interfering with drug policy in the Republic of Slovenia.

The Alliance currently brings together 13 member organizations and 5 associate member organizations, whose employees, professionals, practitioners and laymen, participate in various activities within the Alliance.

Exp: Participation in the formulation of policies and decision-making processes in the field of drug use and addiction , and responsing to systemic problems.

Expertise sought

– Seeking expertise in empowering mentioned vulnerable group.
– Searching for new/innovative methods to adress their needs and better participatory methods with vulnerable group of Alliance members.
– Seeking new ideas on raising awareness raising campaigns.
– Seeking innovative (improved) methods developed to improve efficiency of Alliance members.