Amnesty International is a global movement. We are campaigning for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.

Human rights education – participate in creating new material, education about HR, delivering workshops or lectures.
Violation of human rights – lectures how to claim HR – how to achieve changes and improvements.
Erased and Roma – lectures or workshops how to empower them to be able to claim their rights – in media, at the court in public….

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have knowledge (about the system and development of human rights, how to achieve changes / improvements and fight against violations …) and a rich source of up-to-date information (our own research, analysis, worldwide distribution and thus contact with different aspects of human rights). Secondly, we have experience in teaching human rights ; at AIS for over 20 years (preparation of materials, conducting workshops for young people, training of teaching staff, lectures …).

Expertise sought

Share good practice, exchange knowledge, learn about new innovative methods, participate in creating new material….