Anda Aix is a civic initiative wanting to use film production as a tool for progress.

Anda Aix wants to engage children, at schools, and communities in the making of films, believing that the collaborative and multidisciplinary nature of film production can fight social atomization, promote tolerance, inclusion and equity, motivate civic participation, highlight the importance of social interdependence, and foster individual and vocational development.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We would like to exchange ideas with and establish collaborations for the promotions of initiatives that have goals similar to ours.
We offer services of video and multimedia production, namely documentaries, for outreach and the promotion of a common sustainable future.

Expertise sought

We search for projects where children or communities produce contents; to establish collaboration opportunities, namely for gathering and the exhibition of works.
We seek for partners in the academia, in the areas of educational sciences, sociology and anthropology, namely for impact assessment, and for the development of pedagogic tools for the use of personal affinities in learning and in personal and vocational development.