ANEVE is a Non-profit and Non Governmental Organisation that develops Youth projects.

The national association of ex-EVS volunteers (ANEVE) started as an ex- EVS support structure in Portugal.

ANEVE is also a member of a Network of European Volunteers Associations (NEVA).

It started developing projects to answer the needs of the EVS participants after returning home. The follow- up and life after the EVS.

Now, its mostly promoting Non-formal education projects addressed to the youth in general, at local and European levels.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Improving the learning ability of participants in youth projects (including youth with disabilities and disconnected youth);

Strengthening the non-formal education tolls and methods provided by youth workers.

Expertise sought

Youth empowerment for life and work using Non-formal Education.

Performing arts and pedagogic leisure activities to archive more and better learning outcomes.