ANIMA is a non profit ngo in the field of mental health and psychosocial support. We are working for choices, informed consent and result.

ANIMA has a 15 year experience in clinical mental health and psychosocial support for adults.
The organisation is operating a Psychosocial rehabilitation unit for 15 years, initiated an innovative training for supporting people in times of “Mental Health Crisis” for volunteers, professionals and family/friends, created, a website for distributing information on mental health for everyone and has long experience in providing minimal medication services.
We strongly support international co-operation and seek to promote knowledge in the field of expertise.

Competence and Expertise Offered

– Multi-national co-working
– Problem solving in complicated situations/circumstances
– Group (creating, supporting, motivate, holding)
– Clinical experience, including Med-free experience in mental health even in times of a crisis
– Project management
– Inspiring and motivating

Expertise sought

We are looking for different kinds of expertise, yet we appreciate problem solving and inspiring thinking. In mental health, we would not cooperate with organisations in favour of involuntary hospitalisation and/or medical treatment