51 years helping people to make free and informed choices regarding their sexual and reproductive lives and promoting positive parenting.

APF is an NGO that works in the fields of health, education and rights.
Since its foudation, APF has has a pioneer role in Portugal, contributing to social change and to achieve legal and political changes in the Portuguese society regarding Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.
APF develops an integrated response that includes intervention with vulnerable groups of the population, sex education, technical training, research, national and international cooperation in human rights projects.

Competence and Expertise Offered

APF has a recognized expertise in matters of:
1) Sexuality education: intervening in the community, campaigning and producing pedagogical materials.
2) Qualification, training and technical support: training professionals in our fields of work.
3) Sexual and Reproductive Health care and social support: providing support services.
4) Information, communication and knowledge: producing and disseminating scientific knowledge.
5) Advocacy: Intervening on public policies.

Expertise sought

APF aims to cooperate with national and international organizations that intervene in the field of Human Rights, and more specifically on issues related to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, sharing our Mission and values. We seek partners with work experience in community context, with professionals or in advocacy and intervention in public policies. On the other hand, we look for partners with solid knowledge in the management, execution and evaluation of projects.