Our mission is to protect people and the environment from toxic chemicals and promote the use of safer alternatives, waste reduction and recycling.

In our project we connect a public involvenment, media work and expertise with aim to reduce chemical pollution in environment, to protect health and to raise a public awareness. We concentrate on toxics like POPs, heavy metals and endocrinne disrupters. We are an active member of IPEN network and we coordinate their work in Europe.
We work also on international level and we participate in decision making processes in EU (Stockholm, Basel and Minamata Convention).
We promote waste reduction systems for cities and villages in the Czech Republic and we support good practice in waste recycling.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We can organise chemical analyses with XRF spectrometer and make expertise reports on consumer goods. We publish scientific studies based on own chemical analyses from hot spots worldwide. We participate on seminars with own presentations on toxics, PRTR, REACH etc.
We can cooperate on networking and sharing of our experiences of 20 years on these topics. We offer a cooperation with IPEN network in Europe (

Expertise sought

We seek for active NGOs with interests in toxics, chemical safety, heavy metals and POPs which want to work with us on toxics-free future.
We can be a project partner, expert support or lecturer in your projects.