Through education and awareness of global issues, we contribute to an open and tolerant society.

We bring global development education and global citizenship education to schools. Using seminars, conferences and workshops we help teachers and pupils to talk openly about current world’s global topics (e.g. stereotypes and prejudice, climate change, poverty, migration, responsible consumption, etc.). We also arrange regular public lessons called “Development Evenings” to spread global topics to the general public.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We can share our “know-how” how to train teachers in global topics.
We can share our “know-how” how to bring global topics to pupils.
We have a unique set of our methodological materials in global education field.
We have a unique set of workshops for pupils from age of 6 to 15.
We have a network of cooperative schools and teachers.
We have experience of 15 years in the field.
We know typical challenges that teachers deal with in their classes and we know how to help them to solve them.

Expertise sought

We seek for new teaching approaches to be used in classes.
We seek for new approaches to be used when teaching adults (especially teachers).
We seek for new partners to help us improve our educational programs by their experience and feedback.
We look for partners for sharing their best practices in education about global topics.
We seek for wider variety of approaches to global topics.