ARSIS – Association for the Social Support of Youth is a Greek NGO operating in the field of child and youth protection

ARSIS was founded in 1992 and its main aim is to protect children at risk, as well as assist the reintegration of vulnerable groups such as the homeless, ex-prisoners, the unemployed etc. The protection of socially disadvantaged groups that are threatened with social exclusion and marginalization lies at the core of the organization’s aims while advocating for their rights. ARSIS supports minors experiencing life conditions that may hinder, prevent, suspend, obstruct their smooth personal development and access to social goods and conditions

Competence and Expertise Offered

The staff of the Organization consists of young scientists of different specialities. The staff consists of more than 750 people. In Thessaloniki, the staff consists of more than 200 people and the manager is one of the founding members of the organization who has 30-year experience in organizing social services and social activities. Each structure or program is run by an experienced executive with acknowledged skills in supervision, administration etc.