Artepunkt Skandinavia is part of international cultural plarform “Artepunkt” in domains of socially engaged theater, education and visual arts

During its four years of existence, international platform has had 7 productions (two of which are international), which have been performed or exhibited over 200 times in the Balkans and Europe. The performances are multidisciplinary using the techniques of modern post-drama theater and active audience participation.
The organization has also organized during its existence over 30 film and drama workshops for children and young people in Serbia, Bosnia, Norway and the UK. The workshops aimed at developing creativity among young people, promoting multicultural lifestyle.

Competence and Expertise Offered

The productions deal with topics: life of young people, migrants, perspectives on the future of Europe,
creative inclusion of people with disabilities, cultural presentation of Norwegian / Balkan heritage, permeation of certain cultural matrices, suppression of extreme forms of political and social behavior, violence against women, understanding of cultural diversity, social isolation of modern man, World War II heritage, tolerance, etc.

Expertise sought

1) collects and processes scientific and professional research in the field of cultural, social and social life of citizens
2) organize: art workshops, tribunes, professional meetings, consultations, seminars and other forms of education in the field of cultural, social and social life of citizens;
3) Create performances, theaters and exhibitions dedicated to strengthening critical awareness and human rights, as well as educating children and youth.