ARTIFACTORY is a multivalent and flexible nexus operating at (g)local level that envisions a culture-driven society.

In Artifactory we aim to exploit the educational value of culture and the arts through firsthand experiences with audiences at heritage places.
We believe that diversity and complexity of culture challenge the traditional communication pattern. The values of culture and the arts become catalysts for regeneration and development, only if revealed and effectively communicated.
We strive through the implementation of heritage actions on a social inclusion basis, to provide for cultural experience diversity connecting local cultural production to international markets.

Competence and Expertise Offered

In the Programming Periods 2000-2006, 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 the founding members of ARTIFACTORY have accumulated expertise in the cultural heritage sector and the design and delivery of high quality audience experiences and audiovisual narratives, tourism planning and VET training in projects funded by the European Territorial Cooperation Programmes (ETCP), the ENPI/ENI CBC Mediterranean and Black Sea Basin Programmes; the 7th Framework Programme, the Leader Programmes, the Erasmus+ and LLP Pr