Altium is a NGO in România. The purpose is to promote participatory democracy, combating anti-discrimination, social inequality.

We aim to create a communication platform that contributes to raising awareness about the civil society sector in Romania and its visibility, highlighting the impact that the sector has on communities and society as a whole. We want to facilitate learning, collaboration and sharing experiences between NGOs from Romania and donor States.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We are capable of leading Dissemination and Exploitation, which includes the following:
• Dissemination strategy and plan
• Branding/Visual Identity of the Project
• Website for the project
• Social Media
• Media Coverage
• Promotional Material Creation
• Activities aimed at disseminating
• Exploitation Strategy
• Creation of an Exploitation Report
We have a dedicated team responsible for the dissemination, video creation, graphic design, and social media management.

Expertise sought

A collaboration in the Active Citizens Fund Program in Romania, an integral part of the Financial Mecanism of SEE and Norwegian Grants 2014-2021, the objectives are to strengthen civil society and active citizenship and to increase the capacity of vulnerable groups. ACF aims to develop the long-term sustainability and capacity of the civil society sector, enhancing its role in promoting active citizenship, while strengthening bilateral relations with organizations from donor States.