We are a small organization that contributes at improving the quality of life for people in vulnerable situations such as persons with disabilities.

Our main projects are connected to accessible tourism as a fundamental right, seen from the perspective of both social responsibility and as a market opportunity for the organizations acting the tourism sector.

Since information and training are pre-requisites for a wider and deeper understanding and implementation of the universal access concept, we are working on designing accessibility trainings for companies, educational institutions, and public sector.

Our project idea is connected to designing and delivering accessibility trainings that use VR/AR technologies.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our team include two accessible travel professionals, certified by ENAT and other entities that organized specific trainings under EU projects, who also have formal qualifications in adult training.

We are also supported by a researcher, PhD in Territorial Planning, Geography and Tourism, whose main job is Lecturer in the higher education system.

The Association is managed by a team of professionals with 20+ years management experience.

Expertise sought

Expertise in designing trainings using VR/AR technologies.

Expertise in designing and delivering accessibility trainings.