Our association aims to strengthen civic involvement in public decision making, especially young people.
It also seeks a healthy environment maintain

1. Mediation activities, supporting the citizens’ interaction with the authorities/ public institutions
2. Monitoring the legal process and intervening in the contact with the Chamber of Deputies
3. Rationalization campaigns regarding the communication between citizens and the public institutions
4. Stimulation activities regarding the civic implication for the dynamic of the social life
5. Projects and actions meant to protect environment for the future generations; promoting Eco-friendly technologies
6. Promoting a European way of functioning for the public institutions

Competence and Expertise Offered

We can help with comprehensive data regarding youth in Romania, being able to involve researchers skilled in social studies and youth research.
We also have experience in projects carried out with youths and for them.

Expertise sought

International expertise in active citizenship and environment matters.
Transfer of good practices in using low carbon emission technologies, researches in commons.