Supporting the cultural, social and protection and conservation of the environment in Romania in order to ensure a sustainable future for our country

1. Plantează în România is the project dedicated to nature, the urge for education addressed to people and the expression of unity. It is one of the biggest tree planting project in Romania
2. is the project that wants to bring out and promote the tradition and the authentic craftsmanship of the Romanians through the things they do. It is the biggest online marketplace dedicated to the small farmers.
4. RenasteRomania is the platform dedicated to volunteering, where all the actors involved can be found: companies, NGOs, volunteers. An innovative online ecosystem / platform.

Competence and Expertise Offered

– designing and creating environments for volunteers
– IT consultancy dedicated for volunteer management software / platforms
– digital marketing know how for promoting / community aggregation
– designing and creating teaching curriculums for environment social involvement
– designing solution for small supply chain / local economy
– we can provide NGOs and companies ready to join international EU-funded projects

Expertise sought

We seek to exchange good practices and develop a fruitful cooperation were both parties can benefit.
We want from this opportunity to be the first step towards a bigger projects which would bring more impact to our societies.
We want to find common allies that share our vision of a stronger and sustainable project on the following domains:
– environment and sustaiability
– small social farms / community supported agriculture
– education and social involvement