We are an NGO that promotes Romanian culture and traditions through dance.

The main field is traditional culture, handicrafts, folk dances. We want to carry out collaborative projects for inclusion, reducing school dropout, promoting traditional art.The folk ensemble is made up of children aged between 8-18 years

Competence and Expertise Offered

In the 21st century, more and more children spend their time in front of phones, gadgets, they stay hidden behind screens. The lack of movement, direct socialization, the need for educational knowledge took another turn: overweight, depressed children, lacking creative ideas, critical thinking. Folk dances are not allowed to disappear, they must be reborn, therefore, in order to continue the project, we want to form new groups of dancers, to involve as many children as possible, including those

Expertise sought

the purchase of equipment necessary for equipping the rehearsal hall, materials for the promotion of the ensemble and talents from rural communities, the preservation of traditions, exchange of experience between young people and communities is also aimed at