AMURTEL provides protection and care to very vulnerable children and youth, as well as training in inclusive practices to teachers and social workers.

AMURTEL Romania is focused on child protection and education, and its long term core programs include a residential care center for neglected and abandoned children, an afterschool program for very vulnerable rural school children, a new residential program for adults with mental disabilities without families, and an inclusive education kindergarten. There is also an organic farm, which is run as a social enterprise that grows vegetables for its service projects. AMURTEL encourages yoga and stress management practices, offers inclusive education training and community development with Roma.

Competence and Expertise Offered

AMURTEL’s team has 24 years of experience working with children from severely traumatic, neglectful backgrounds – and draws on its background roots in yoga to develop innovative strategies to encourage resiliency and personal development – both for staff and the young people in care. AMURTEL also runs a successful youth integration program, and has expertise in training kindergarten teachers in inclusive approaches. We recently developed a set of tools and games for civic education of youth.

Expertise sought

Last year, AMURTEL opened a residential home for adults with mental disabilities for young people coming out of the home, but unable to cope on their own. There is a severe lack of best practices and models for such services in Romania. We also are interested in better serving not only the children – but the dysfunctional and alcoholic family systems they are coming from, which receive virtually no support in improving their conditions to be able to reintegrate their children.