Our main purpose is to bring quality cultural, educational and artistic projects to small communities.
Archives are also one of our main interests.

Our main project is Eforie Colorat Gradina Cinemascop, an open air cinema with almost sea view where we are organizing the main cultural event on the roumanian seacoast. We are focused on movie screenings, contemporary art production consisting of installation, sculpture, murals, art shows, live concerts, creative workshops for kids and adults.

Pop-up Museum is our next big thing. Manly working with archieves of all kind we are questioning the beginnings of the romanian and its huge historical heritage by organizing meetings, workshops, debates, exhibitions and art shows.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We can provide trusted help in :
+ project management
+ production of art shows & art installations
+ video making

Expertise sought

We are seeking for partners all around Europe to organize cultural exchange projects.