AIVI promotes, supports, and implements social inclusion and community empowerment via non-formal education, cultural events and voluntering actions.

In 2014 we started an initiative called ConvoClub @ Cluj, offering anyone the opportunity to learn/practise a language via NFE.
In 2016 we organized a pilot mentorship program between our volunteers and HS students in Botoșani.
We are currently hosting Convo, as well as book clubs, film & board game nights, and occasional events in Cluj, and are planning a community centre in Bucharest, as well as the second round of the mentorship program, and an online media platform created by communities for communities.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have experience in volunteer management, program coordination, project writing, non-formal training methods, creative content, writing, translating, and contact with various communities.

Expertise sought

We would like to find organizations with knowledge/background in social entrepreneurship, and experience in concrete fundraising.
We are also looking for entities with solid experience in creative arts, but also in the freedom of speech, writing, and journalism.
We have in mind a couple of media-related projects, and we could use the two expertise directions mentioned above.