NMA Association wants to provide support to children with disabilities, as well as guidance in solving various medical causes.

NMA Association aims to support children with disabilities as well as their families in finding optimal solutions in solving medical causes. At the local level, the NMA Association has concluded collaboration protocols with the local school but also with the City Hall in order to carry out campaigns to promote the rights of people with disabilities. The main project of the association is to set up a center for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities.

Competence and Expertise Offered

The members of the association can ensure a good expertise in terms of the fundamental rights of people with disabilities, can ensure a good management in terms of interoperativeness with state structures.

Expertise sought

For the purpose of cooperation, we are interested in finding out different ways of abodizing and implementing social projects, as well as how external NGOs have managed to solve the social cases of children with disabilities. The way of involving the state in the level of aid to NGOs and many other aspects regarding the exchange of experience.