ASSOC operates in the field of social services developing activities that support vulnerable groups.

In addition to social services, ASSOC has been working in the field of vocational training services since 2000, employment stimulation services since 2011 and the social economy since 2010, developing activities that support vulnerable groups, such as: children and young people with disabilities. social integration / with disabilities, unemployed, low-income people who want to participate in vocational retraining, young NEETs, low-income single people / single-parent families, the elderly, people released from detention, migrants.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Licensed services provided by ASSOC:
– a social canteen where portions of food are prepared for: 70 social cases;
– specialized services for children and parents with difficulties;
– day centers for adults with disabilities, occupational therapy / counseling (sheltered workshop) for 45 young people with disabilities;
– a residential center for adults with disabilities / recovery and rehabilitation (14 adults with disabilities);
– a social enterprise restaurant social – catering.

Expertise sought

– Know how in social services;
– development of social services;
– development of support programs for vulnerable people.