Batoto Yetu Portugal is a youth and cultural association that works with children and young people who are interested in African culture.

Contribute to the social integration of children and young people of African origin or descent, who may come from underprivileged backgrounds, by valuing their cultural roots and promoting educational, artistic and cultural activities.

Competence and Expertise Offered

– Art has been at the basis of BYP’s activities since its founding and it is the main tool that the Association uses to have a positive social impact on the lives of the young people in the community in which it operates. We do performances, music, dance and mukishi wworkshops.
– Social Work: Cultural and community activities; Digital inclusion; etc.
– Support to the immigrant community: Recognized as an Immigrants Association in 2008.
– Guided Tours:To disseminate Lisbon’s African character.

Expertise sought

We seek like minded NGO’s, state or private entities that work or support inclusion through arts and music, and the promotion of Afro-descendant culture.