The preservation of the architectural, cultural, natural and conservation heritage of nature, contributing to its valorization and defense.

Collaborate in the inventory, dissemination and animation of heritage.
Study, improve and disseminate good practices based on cultural sustainability, the dimension of sense of place and local development in detail, based on the arts, building materials and decoration, techniques.Technical-scientific improvement the valorization of masters and performers, improvement of access to materials, through consulting and reflection platforms stimulating dialogue and participation of citizens and the development of educational activities.

Competence and Expertise Offered

the AIPP may develop the national and international exchange of practices, knowledge and knowledge through partnerships, collaboration protocols and agreements, including with municipalities, schools and universities and other public and private entities, as well as regions, autonomous regions, provinces and autonomous communities, research centres, associations and similar agents cooperating for the study, dissemination, production of projects and technical – scientific support.

Expertise sought

Development is sought through a constant updating of all, seeking a human relationship capable of interacting in such a way that the flow of information goes through all actors, namely technicians, users, manufacturers and responsible for the heritage before the peoples so that, together, the desideratum that is intended is reached.
Ambition to develop a critical mass capable of ensuring a future voice in renewal and contribution to the physical heritage already built and to come.