Promoting cooperation among the local community for the development of a more active, egalitarian, inclusive and participatory society.

In the youth field: promote, organize and implement international projects under the Erasmus + program and other international volunteering projects, with the aim of promoting interculturality and respect for the others. Also promote youth participation at local level. To the local community: Promote intergenerational activities, organize and support sports, social and cultural activities.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have experience in creating and developing Erasmus+ projects in the youth field. Also to organize and support social, sports and cultural activities at local level. Mainly, in the fields of sustentability and environment.

Expertise sought

We seek for organizations that are expertise in the fields of youth participation, environment, social skills and mental health. Also we are looking for organizations expertised in fundraising that can help us to develop our organization.