– support women with children in reconciling the family and professional life, contributing to the elimination of stereotypes. Promote gender equality

Psychological accompaniment;
– Legal follow-up;
– Awareness-raising activities aimed at promoting Gender Equality;
– Implementation of training actions;
– Production of educational, informational materials related to Gender Equality;
– Creation, management and implementation of social projects;
– Development of good practice materials under the themes of Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Human resources specializing in gender equality and domestic violence;
Experience in actions in the area of ​​gender equality (organization and management of seminars, workshops and lectures)
Experience in specialized consultation in the area of ​​gender equality;
Design of teaching resources.

Expertise sought

Entities with experience in the area of ​​gender equality with a view to sharing good practices and developing innovative methodologies.