QIPP is a NGO that believes in evidence-based policy and that communicates/ disseminates projects, bringing them closer to policymakers.

QIPP is a dissemination/communication partner for a social projects. It focuses on evidences from research and project results (preferently experimentation projects) to connect the project to policy debate and build the foundations for an efficient project communication. It also adjusts dissemination and communication materials to its specific targets, with special attention to policymakers and public authorities. Projects mainly in the fields of social economy, education, entrepreneurship, social innovation, with evidence-based approach and strong measurement of results.

Competence and Expertise Offered

QIPP gathers experts from many different academic backgrounds and professional experiences connected to policy development, project management and media/ communication. This combination of knowledges allows us to establish QIPP as a bridge between academic, social and political worlds, making its dissemination strategies more efficient and effective for the projects it participates in.

Expertise sought

QIPP looks for partners that lead or wish to participate in evidence-based projects, preferently experimentation projects (such as RCT), that provide strong results that can guide policy development. Mainly looking for partners with evidence-base related activities and projects.