Ass. Silveirinhos strives for social integration, through personal, social and professional training, of children / youth at risk.

A Associação Recreativa, Cultural Social de Silveirinhos (ARCSS), founded in 1995, situated in S. Pedro da Cova, Gondomar, is a youth association, inserted in the category of NGO, non-governmental non-profit organization and CCD (Culture and Sport Center). Has the status of ONGPD,non-governmental organization for people with disabilities. it works directly with the Commission for the Protection of Children and Youth. Its main target groups are children/young people at risk, people with disabilities / mental illness.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We work with our target groups through their personal, social and professional training. Our services are: Socio/ occupational forum for people with disabilities and/or mental illness, art integration workshops, sports department, traditional games department, Youth support office, social entrepreneurship projects and education/training projects ( gender equality, human rights, environment, etc.), Erasmus + projects, among others.

Expertise sought

We hope with cooperation to strengthen bilateral relations, exchange of good practices, compare realities and analyze the possibility of implementing better projects, exchange of didactic and pedagogical material, exchange of methodologies and leave the partner countries with the out pouts we produce and Process optimization and promote future partnerships.