A non-profit organization whose mission is to promote plant-based food as a healthy, compassionate and ecologically responsible lifestyle.

AVP develops several initiatives, both of an educational and structural nature, namely:
1. We seek to inform public opinion about the agricultural industry and its impact on animals, the environment, and health, through education and awareness campaigns.
2. We facilitate the transition to a plant-based diet by developing initiatives to creating guides and tools.
3. We influence the legislative process through political lobbying.
4. We exert influence in the business and industrial environment.
5. We train by developing training initiatives aimed at chefs, caterers, and the general public.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We can help on influencing public policies, as we have been lobbying for plant-based meals in all public institutions since 2015.
We do capacity-building and have promoted long-duration courses and training sessions on plant-based cuisine.
We’ve been influencing the market environment and conducting studies focused on the growth of the plant-based market.
We know how to educate about factory farming, partnering with schools & universities throughout workshops.

Expertise sought

We’re looking for partners on our OpçãoVeg initiative that aims to provide guidelines to restaurants, and all other food service and catering industry businesses, for them to include plant-based options on their menu. We’ll also inform European citizens about the Portuguese law that compels all public canteens to provide at least one vegan meal. We want to understand what is being done abroad and then exchange precious inputs that allow the collective evolution of the plant-based offer.