Creative Ideas is a NGO from Riga, Latvia, and specializes in education, society integration, culture and rural development, as well as EU priorities.

We provide training and mentoring, organise creative workshops, art exhibitions and competitions for various target groups: adults, youth, migrants, children etc. We work to help people discovering and reaching their full potential.
Creative Ideas was established on 12 October 2011 in Balvi, when its members came together to promote development and international recognition of Balvi municipality, to diminish social exclusion, to solve important issues for community by elaborating and implementing projects and by mobilizing local society. Currently we work in Balvi and capital city Riga.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Now we are 41 member, people employed in education, culture, art and social sphere; artists, craftsmen, teachers and professionals in development, administration and implementation of projects. We cooperate with state and municipal institutions (ministries, employment office, library, museum, art school, schools etc.), higher education institutions, NGOs and NGO networks to exchange experience and bring best practices to the community.

Expertise sought

Looking for exchange of experience, best practices, methods piloting and transfer to local and international level, common activities with partners for capacity building, using culture for job creation, entrepreneurship, rural areas development, mobilising local society etc. We are open and flexible to work on many fields and issues as we have a network of partners in Latvia and EU countries.