Footura is an organization that works to promote the health and sports culture in society, especially in the most vulnerable social groups.

The main objectives of Association FOOTURA are the development and promotion of sport as a tool for positive social impact, various sports and all kinds of activities connected with sport, cultural tourism, active lifestyle, and youth exchange programs. We have extensive еxperience working with diverse educational institutions, foundations, NGOs, etc. to integrate into the society various disadvantaged groups

Competence and Expertise Offered

Competencies in the field of social sports (the use of sport as an informal method of education and inclusion). Our partnership opportunity covers the following activities – Pre-consultation and application process – Positive profile – including the provision of a wide range of implemented partnerships in Bulgaria/Europe, funded by over 10 different project donors – Providing qualified experts and trainers – Setting up appropriate target groups – Direct contact with sports entities

Expertise sought

We are looking for partnerships with organizations that assess the positive impact of sporting activities on every individual – and especially on adolescents and people at a potential and real risk of social exclusion. Because of the interdisciplinary role of sport, we are ready to link its values to almost all other ideas for publicly beneficial activities.