Mobbing association is a non-profit organization that stands for a society based on the values of democracy, tolerance and human rights.

Goals of Association for help and education of mobbing victims are protection of human rights, improving the quality of life of individuals, families and communities by promoting, promoting and developing a democratic political culture, promotion of social entrepreneurship, international development cooperation, social services, education, social activity and health protection.
Project ideas include projects that encourage the expansion and development of social services for the protection and support of vulnerable social groups, and promotion of universal human rights.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Association mobbing has five employees covering the areas of administration, legal issues and social work. and the design and implementation of projects and programs
Our skills and experience of designing and implementing various projects and programs are valuable in every partnership.

Expertise sought

We hope to cooperate with experienced, skilled and responsible partners who value the same values ​​as the Association mobbing, which are non-discrimination, protection of human rights,
protection of vulnerable social groups, spread of democratic culture, disease prevention and promotion of health of the EU population.