Enthusiasts with > 20 years’ experience and expertise in global, ecological and inclusive education. Believe all children must be accepted and valued.

We train teachers, mentor university students and work with youth and children on topics of inclusive, global and sustainable education. We do social research and studies. We have an online training platform. We are currently building a green educational centre to become a center of a local community and to serve as a hub for education, exploration and training.
We would like to partner with organisations and companies with green ideas who believe education is crucial for building a just society and have experience in training, community development and networking for sustainable development

Competence and Expertise Offered

-experience and expertise in global, ecological and inclusive education;
-development of educational materials and trainings for kids and adults;
-social research, survey and analysis;
-creation of local and professional communities;
-designing online courses;
-conducting campaigns and advocacy;
-administration and implementation of large international projects;

Expertise sought

– experience in social marketing;
– running green educational centers;
– creating communities around an idea;
– green and sustainable education;
– fundraising
– good governance and transparency