Since 2020, ASPTMR Constanța supports the medico-psycho-social care of people affected by tuberculosis and acts for the eradication of tuberculosis.

Key areas: 1. Medico-psychosocial services 2. Informing and educating the general population, patients and relatives. Secondary field: Advocacy and defense of patients’ rights. Our project ideas consist of study visits in order to identify the procedure for respecting the rights of vulnerable people, but also to write articles about how human rights are respected in various institutions in Romania and the partner’s country of origin.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our expertise consists in the psychosocial counseling of people affected by tuberculosis regarding the knowledge of their rights, but also the undertaking of actions to promote the restoration of the rights of tuberculosis patients.

Expertise sought

We want the partner to have a rich experience in promoting human rights, equal opportunities and non-discrimination, but also concrete and effective actions that lead to the respect of human rights and the improvement of the level of civic education. Actions that we can also adapt to the Romanian system.