ACDB works for the conservation of species and habitats. We belive in sustainable development based on nature based solutions.

ACDB is an NGO which takes action to conserve wildlife and their habitat. ACDB deals with:
-Preserving healthy populations of bears, wolves, lynxes, otters and wildcats in the wilderness;
-Preserving key protected areas for species and local communities;
-Habitat restoration for long term conservation of birds, small mammals, amfibians and invertebrates;
-Promoting sustainable tourism based on natural/cultural heritage and nature conservation;

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our team has expertise in species and habitat (mainly forests and wetlands) conservation and management at landscape level. We worked in conservation projects implemented at local, regional, national and international scale. We had worked with volunteers from different countries (DE, IT, FR, UK, PT, ES) and we have good experience in managing volunteers.

Expertise sought

We plan to increase our capacity to have a more holistic approach on landscape conservation, land sharing, species and habitat conservation considering the climate changes and potential scenarios for SE of Romania.
We plan to increase our capacity of sharing our team knowledge with young students, profesional groups (eg. foresters, farmers etc.) from the SE part of Romania in order to improve the civil society and profesional groups into the biodiversity and climate changes EU agenda.