Education for rural areas, local development, citizen involvement and participation.

Our activities are focused around 3 topics:
>> adult education, including: seniors, representatives of local government units, local NGOs and cooperation with active residents, in particular with “new settlers” – people who came to Masuria from other regions of Poland and actively develop their villages;
>> education of young people: since 2016 we have been conducting classes at schools to develop social competences and promote volunteerism ;
promotion of tourist activities and local products.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our team is prepared to work with children, youth and seniors. We have educational scenarios (including board games), combined with gamification, which are used to develop social competences through volunteering. We have developed a model of cooperation with schools to develop volunteering. We are a local partner in the government Solidarity Corps program, under which we develop long-term volunteering. We educated municipalities and NGOs in the field of participation and social consultations.

Expertise sought

We seek to cooperate with local municipalities, local NGOs and local communities, contributing to empowerment for increased self-reliance and self-sufficiency, develop educational activities that develop social competences in an attractive way.
We hope to gain experience from introducing our ideas, skills and tools in new communities/places, in order to continue developing our skills for improved implementation.