A not for profit association of professionals developing ABA programmes for socially disabled individuals by introducing innovations through research.

-Rehabilitation of social disabilities and problem behaviours
-Prevention of school dropouts and school exclusions
-Supporting the psychological well-being of young persons and their parents
-Building bridges with schools
-Informing parents about their rights and the rights of young persons for social security coverage and education
-We are interested in scaling up our activities of supporting socially marginalised young persons to stay in the labour market, avoid dependency on social benefits, develop peer networks and have a social life.

Competence and Expertise Offered

-Expertise in the clinical, social and educational aspects of neurodevelopmental disorders
-Highest level competency in designing ABA social interventions
-Good knowledge of research methodologies
-Good knowledge of the Greek state system, relevant state agencies and legislation

Expertise sought

-How to make the most of the available funding
-How to make advocacy for vulnerable population groups more effective
-Promoting the needs of vulnerable populations to the level of political priority
-Raising public awareness of existing possibilities for developing social skills in vulnerable young people and preventing social exclusion.