The Association of Parents and Friends of the Autistics “ANAGENNISI” was founded in July 2003 by 24 parents and friends of autistic children.

The principal purpose of our Association is the establishment of a standard Accommodation of Assisted Living and Daily School for our children

Competence and Expertise Offered

The Association executes programs of socialization and entertainment for the training of the persons, who enjoy the benefits, in skills which concern basic fields of independent living, such as habits of personal care, circulation education, visit in shops, food preparation, as well as handling of free time.
Our programs are executed in the Club of Creative Occupation of our Association from Monday to Friday hours 17.00 – 20.00 by pedagogues of special education.

Expertise sought

we would like to exchange views on the functioning of a sheltered home of autistic people as well as a morning center for the employment of autistic people. Our Association has experience in socializing programs for autistic people and could exchange experiences in similar programs and exchange experiences in a program for parents and educators.