ASTERI an Non Profit Org committed to Aware, Educate, Train, Research, Publicize, Minimize problems our youth is facing due to the new trends in life

A.S.T.E.R.I. supports young people with problems regarding modern diseases they are facing due to modern innovative techniques and the new way we live our lives. Helps and supports for new jobs, skills, proper use of mobile phones and internet games and general communications, use of social media, problems such as bulimia, obesity, violence and bulling, racism, unemployment, violence etc. as well as all new entries in people lives.
Is actively involved in Research – Surveys, Education & Activities on sports education, consumer education, citizen safety, recycling and reuse, healthy attitude

Competence and Expertise Offered

We can provide techniques & good practices to fight sport and school violence, fight racism, create ways to teach ecological attitudes and make successful campaigns in schools, youth camps. Teach kids skills and promote second opportunity chances for people that failed to execute their dream. Social communication & psychological support through sport games, educational games & art!!

Expertise sought

We would very much like to exchange good practices in all the above fields mainly in our ACT Green or GO-HOME campaign where we invite all sport teams to cooperate in green activities and create a system for evaluation and award. Also we would like to work together for a educational manual on how to fight and prevention of any type of violence and support refugee talented future athletes to have identity and a country to make proud for their performances. Law application & equal treatment