AUTISM ROMANIA is a NGO that advocates for better life of people with autism in Romania. Promote their inclusion and participation into community.

Our domains of activity: advocacy for appropriate legislation and public policies, relevant for our children of every age; autism awareness, information and educational programms for parents, professionals, people with autism; employment support for adults with ASD, social servicies for children, adults with autism.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We work with all stakeholders relevant for our domain, and have experience in collaboration and communication with governmental agencies, institutions, schools and universities, local authorities, private stakeholders. In designing and offering training in autism field for parents and professionals. in project management and organization of events -conferences in our field. We participated in several international projects which included also a research component.

Expertise sought

We alr looking for colaboration with experts and organizations in disability field, particularly in autism spectrum disorders, who have experience in expertise in delivering different servicies-programs for children, youth, adults with ASD, for parents and progessionals, other stakeholdres, ex empoyers, public institutions. We are looking for learning form their expertise and use it to improve of our activity and efficiency and be more effcient in our advocacy and autism awareness work.